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Power International LLC is a mining company registered in the Emirate of Fujairah, UAE. The primary activity of the company is Limestone Quarrying with ongoing projects for further value addition. A rich 29-year history and experience in the mining industry gives the company a competitive edge for efficient operations.

The government of Fujairah has granted the company a total lease area of 110.8 Hectares over which 2600 meters of core drilling activity has been carried out and a total mine-able reserve of 380 Million Metric Tons high grade, low silica Limestone has been established through core sampling and data analysis. The company has an annual capacity of 4 MMT.

The processing facility is conveniently located 88 Kms from the Fujairah Port and 55 Kms from Mina Saqr (Ras Al Khaimah) Port. Port of Fujairah, also called Fujairah Port, is a deep port located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest port on the eastern seaboard of the United Arab Emirates and the world second largest bunkering hub.


Lime is an inorganic mineral that is composed of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide. The word lime got its origin from its basic sticking and adhering properties. And the process of its extraction from the rocks that contain around 80% of calcium carbonate, is known as limestone mining.

Limestone is a key player in the construction industry, amongst its wide range of applications as a construction and decoration material, it is also considered as the key raw material in the cement manufacturing process. Other than construction, lime is considered an essential raw material to be used in the production of a wide range of different industries as of – Iron and Steel, Agriculture, Paper, Glass, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Using open-pit methods, typical operations for the underground limestone mining process include drilling and blasting, both are intended with particular segmentation bend to achieve the final product.

United Arab Emirates is the biggest limestone supplier and exporter with an annual production of US $282 Million, comprising 40% of global export. UAE is said to have the best quality of limestone in terms of purity and its mineralogical and physical properties.To increase safety and improve efficiency in the UAE’s mining industry, new technologies such as 3D modeling and drone have been playing an extensive role.


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